Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a very important topic for study since the number of children suffering from this disease has quadrupled in the past three decades. According to a data that was released by the centre for disease control and prevention (CDC), the percentage of children of ages 6-11 within America who have obesity have increased from 7% in 1980 to 18% in 2012.

Children suffering from this disease suffer from immediate and long term health effects. The immediate effects include, bone and joint problem, sleep apnea and both social and psychological problem like stigmatization. The long term health effects are heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancer, osteoarthritis and multiple myeloma.

Healthy people 2020 initiative has a vision of ensuring that the people in the society live healthy lifestyle for a longer duration. Their goals are to promote quality life and healthy behaviors across all stages of life. It also aims at eliminating disparities and improving health of all groups.

Based on the above facts, childhood obesity can be applied since parents and the children would be educated on how to live healthy lifestyle and live quality life through engaging in healthy behaviors like physical exercise. It would ensure premature death among the children is eliminated and that we have a healthy generation.

Interviews will be conducted for both parents who have children suffering from obesity plus the children themselves who are suffering from obesity and of whom will be within and beyond my neighborhood. When it comes to interviewing the children, I would endeavor to find out how they feel about themselves and what challenges do they experience. I would also want to find out whether they experience any challenges in performing their normal duties plus also how their relationship is with fellow children.

For the parents I would want to find out of the kinds of foods they take, whether they take part in any physical activity and also how they are coping with the current health state of their obese childĀ 

The demographic location of my aggregate target is situated within the city. While conducting the survey, I will both be driving and walking so that I may get adequate information for this study hence enabling me to develop a concrete conclusion.

The various stakeholders who have the power to influence the policies include private sector, civil society, international partners, government bodies and the politicians. Some of the contact information of stakeholders is,

  • Government bodies (CDC)-(888)-232-6348
  • International Partners (WHO) – +1 202 974 3000, 525, 23rd Street, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20037
  • Politicians-Barbara Boxer-senator of California

In the event I fail to follow through with my initial aggregate, I would go for the church members so as to ensure the success of my endeavors. I would go for those church members whom I have known for a long time. Apart from the church members, I would also reach out to our local politicians.