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GDB CS 507 Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) has helped many organizations to automate their business applications. ERP systems have end to end coverage including customers, suppliers and their planning. It follows the best practices and standards to automate the business process. Business transactions are carried out through wireless devices and can be conducted 24... Read More

cs201 gdb

  cs201 gdb solution required     the question is     A security agency wants to develop an application that will manage its employees. Application will store employee’s personal information, deputation as security agents, expenses and job rotation along with their past experience in security ag... Read More

eco403 gdb solution

      According to scenario and as MOU signed Bt Pak & China the corridor project will be beneficial for Pakistan after that MOU  some major business groups of Pakistan have started investing in expanding their production capacity of for example, the Nishat Group is setting up a cement plant in Balochistan and the Lucky Cement in Pun... Read More

Cs402 GDB

if anyone knows solution please share here!!!!!!!!! ... Read More

mgt 603 gdb saloution any one have

any one have any idea    ... Read More

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The biggest challenge / difficulty faced by an entrepreneur is the avail of less / insufficient capital. Most of the entrepreneurs start their SMEs with the existing finances without visualizing the actual requirements of their operating costs. They think that they will be able to generate enough revenues by their SMEs and will re-investing this capital to expand their operations, which in most... Read More

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Quick sort is one of the most fastest sorting algorithms.  This is mainly due to 2 reasons:  1. It's average time complexity is O(n log n).  2. it’s an in-place sorting algorithm.  On nearly sorted data (it's adaptive case) it is O(N). However, it takes 2 passes through the data and Insertion only takes 1 fo... Read More

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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are increasingly prevalent, powerful and risky corporate events. The resistance or support of people in the integration of two previously separate organizations plays a key role for their success or failure. In this paper we present a Career Concept approach to better understand and manage sources and incentives for individual contributions and reactions to M&... Read More

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  We know well that a domestic price level represents the current price for a specific good or service in an economy. Government agencies or national economists tend to look at various price levels in order to assess rising or falling prices, called inflation and deflation in economic terms, respectively. The most common domestic price level is the consumer price index.... Read More

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1. OVERBURDEN ON PUBLIC ....more loans are advanced by INt. ORG wiht high interest rate of return that also create hardle for govt. to implement their public policies  2...... financial assistance in the form of foreign loans creating burden for future.  taking huge amounts of loans slow the growth of economy , system become weak , conditional payments ... Read More