ACC311 - Fundamentals of Auditing

ACC311 FINAL TERM 2 Past Exam Paper

ACC311 FINAL TERM 2 Past Exam Paper ... Read More

Acc 311 , GDB #01

CASE   Inquiries from management, application of analytical procedures and observations & inspections are risk assessment procedures which an auditor use to have understanding about entity and its environment.   Considering the fact that auditor applies analytical procedure only on ... Read More

ACC311 Assignment No 01 Solution required

ASSIGNMENT NO 01 DUE DATE: NOVEMBER 26, 2015 MARKS: 10 Assignment Analyze each of given situations independently for qualification/disqualification of person as statutory auditor with reference to Company Law 1984 and also explain with reasoning that given arrangements are legally permissible. a. M... Read More

FIN624 - Islamic Mode of Financing

Total Marks 10 Starting Date Wednesday, November 11, 2015 Closing ... Read More

TM - ETO and EO

IMPACT OF TALENT MANAGEMENT AND EMPLOYEE TURNOVER INTENTION ON ORGANIZATIONAL EFFICIENCY IN TELECOMMUNICATION SECTOR OF PAKISTAN Introduction: The study is based on how talent management and employee turnover intention influence organizational efficiency in telecom sector of Pakistan. Today only... Read More