CS507 - Information Systems

cs 507 gdb

GDB CS 507 Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) has helped many organizations to automate their business applications. ERP systems have end to end coverage including customers, suppliers and their planning. It follows the best practices and standards to automate the business process. Business transactions are carried out through wireless devices and can be conducted 24... Read More

CS507 - Information Systems Assignment2 due date 10/12/2015

Information Systems CS507, Assignment No. 02 For Spring 2015 Due Date:10-12-2015   ... Read More

online analytical processing

Every organization follows procedures to accomplish its business objectives. These procedures have some purpose and goals. Information is gathered from different sources for their day to day business operations. On the basis of information from different sources organization has to make some decisions to increase the efficiency. You are required to visit an organization or search through intern... Read More