ECO403 - Macroeconomics

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      According to scenario and as MOU signed Bt Pak & China the corridor project will be beneficial for Pakistan after that MOU  some major business groups of Pakistan have started investing in expanding their production capacity of for example, the Nishat Group is setting up a cement plant in Balochistan and the Lucky Cement in Pun... Read More

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MACROECONOMICS (ECO 403) ASSIGNMENT # 02   Requirements: Keeping in view the above Scenario and given information of Brazil Economy, Calculate the following:   1. Consumption Level (C) ... Read More

ECO403 - Macroeconomics DUE DATE: 03RD DECEMBER, 2015


analyze how would this government spending affect the income and consumption of the people of Kenya.

The Case: Kenya is one of the fastest growing economies of Africa according to latest economic updates published by World Bank. In these updates, it has been reported that this economy needs sound economic policies for future improvement.  Suppose Government of Kenya decides to implement the manifesto in a true manner and spirit. Long and short of this ma... Read More