ENG101 - English Comprehension

ENG101 2nd assignment solution

ENG101 Assignment 02 solution Assignment Question: 1 1. Read the following paragraph carefully and respond to the following questions. Each question asks you to make a logical inference based on the details provided in the text. Each day after work Ali took his mucky boots off on the steps of the front entrance. Aliya would lose her temper if the boots made it so f... Read More

eng101 past midd term paper..

eng101 past midd term paper ... Read More

ENG101 Assignment Solution No.1 Fall-2015

eng101 first Assignment Solution is in attached file. So, students please download it and study it and then to give your feedback here. Thanks ... Read More


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ENG101 Discussion Board, November 11, 2015

Dear Students   Adobe session will be launched on November 11, 2015 (Wednesday) from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm PKT. It will be an introductory session for the students of English Comprehension (ENG101). Our discussion will be based on Lectures 1-7. Please make sure that your queries remain restricted... Read More

Eng101 Knowledge is Power on Assignment Solution

Eng101 Knowledge is Power on Assignment Solution In this scientific and modern time, knowledge is necessary for everyone. As you know, knowledge is power its gives us a great courage, confidence in every field of life. We can solve every assignment very quickly and can find out assignment solution if we have knowledge of respective job. Knowledge is light and if you will follow this right, ... Read More