ISL201 - Islamic Studies

Isl201 Gdb solution

Mainly folowing steps are prerequisitesfor enforsement of islamic law 1.gradual change 2.correct procedure 3.constructive work for it No matter can be sattled in one time approach and use of force all at sudden show negative as to build a islamic state we should change things step by step. initially improvement at individual level then at national level wi... Read More

ISLAMIC STUDIES (ISL201) assignment no:1 due date 1 dec 2015

  ASSIGNMENT:   Faith in Prophet  SAW.    It is established fact that man is the best creation on earth. Allah SWT also confirmed it by saying:  ﺎ َ ﻨْ ﻘَ ﻠَ ﺧْ ﺪَ ﻘَ ﻟ ٍ ﱘِ ﻮْ ﻘَ ﺗـِ ﻦَﺴْ أَﺣ ِ ﰲَﺎنَﻧﺴِْ اﻹ  ( Surely We created man of the bes... Read More