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  Contentions As War – This is an ill-disposed structure in light of showdown with the outcome being winning or losing. It is for the most part not an exceptionally accommodating model since it close down learning and tuning in, yet it is dug in our way of life., especially our common equity framework. 2. Contentions As Proofs – Thi... Read More

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MCM301 FINAL TERM 9 Past Exam Paper  ALL FILES ATTACH ... Read More

Communication Skills (MCM301) Assignment No 2 Due Date December 8, 2015

Communication Skills (MCM301) Assignment No 2 Due Date December 8, 2015  ... Read More

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This activity will help students to;  Understand how culture plays an important role in effective communication.  Understand the steps involved in process of communication Background: Communication is a process, which involves sharing of information between people through a continuous activity of speaking, listening, and understanding. Task: a) Gi... Read More

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PARAGRAPH WRITING In this article, we will discuss about paragraph writing as you know in our other articles we mentioned about so many necessary thing which is very effective for a students to write assignment solution or to solve papers. Paragraph Paragraph is not just one sentence. While writing assignment solution it should consist on three or four sentences. You ... Read More