MCM304 - Mass Media in Pakistan

MCM 304

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Learning Objectives: Students would be able to analyze role of mass media in General Zia’s era and would understand how media served as an agent of government in Pakistan. Students would be able to understand the importance of free media in inculcating democratic values in people. Q 1.  The era of General  Zia-ul-H... Read More

These were the Subjective Questions

For MCQs read ur handouts because those were mostly from handouts. 1. How TV glamour and advertisement affects the life of a common man? (5) 2. Why Gen. Musharraf policy against extremism was failed ? (5) 3. How radio can be... Read More

MCM304 Assignment Solution of Paragraph Types and techniques

Paragraph Types and techniques Dear student, Here we will discuss the types and techniques of a paragraph writing in assignment solution and in papers. You can apply these tips and techniques, if you will totally concentrate and the daily practice of writing then you will be able to write a lovely and informative paragraph. Your huge practice of writing makes you a good writer. Time o... Read More