MGT111 - Introduction to Public Administration

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John W. Atkinson three needs theory is based on  1) Need for Achievement 2) Need for Power 3) Need for Affiliation Personality: Mr. Hasan > Need for Affiliation is more. He is listens his colleagues and agrees with their excuses although they are the reasons for not achieving their targets. Personality: Mr. Ahmad > Need for Power. He&... Read More

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1. OVERBURDEN ON PUBLIC ....more loans are advanced by INt. ORG wiht high interest rate of return that also create hardle for govt. to implement their public policies  2...... financial assistance in the form of foreign loans creating burden for future.  taking huge amounts of loans slow the growth of economy , system become weak , conditional payments ... Read More

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INTRODUCTION TO PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (MGT111) ASSIGNMENT # 01 DUE DATE: 03 DECEMBER, 2015 Instructions: Please read the following instruction carefully before preparing the assignment solution: · Be very specific and focused on the issue while answering a question. · Your answer should not exceed 300 words. ASSIGNMENT... Read More

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Introduction to Public Administration Graded Discussion Board No. 1   Senate of Pakistan has introduced a system of inviting public petitions on its official website. This is an attempt to increase general public participation in the parliamentary processes. With the help of this system, anyone can comment and provide opinions... Read More