MTH101 - Calculus And Analytical Geometry

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MTH101 current midterm fall 2015, download to study

MTH101 current midterm fall 2015, download to study ... Read More

anyone can guide me please

Question:If g(t)=sec(5−cos3t) then find dy/dt at t=π/2 ... Read More

Calculus and Analytical Geometry

Assignment Calculus and Analytical Geometry ... Read More

past paper mth101 mth101_mid_term

past paper mth101 mth101_mid_term ... Read More

MTH101 GDB Solution

For a functionf(x)=3−2x,a pointx0=3,and a positive number∈=0.02Find                                L=limx→x0f(x). Moreover find a number δ>0such that 0<|x−x0|<δ⇒|f(x)−L|<∈. Please urgent ... Read More

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i cannot understand  lectures and handout  can any one help me for that to teach me Calculus ... Read More

MTH101 Quiz# 1 Fall 2015

My todays Quiz. Please check them before you try to attempt your quiz.  thanks 1. Which of the following point satisfies the equation: x + 5y = 3 (2, 1) (-2, 1) (0, 4) (3, 7) 2. Which of the following is y-intercept of a line represented by equation, 5y = - 2x + 16 2 5... Read More