PHY101 - Physics

PHY101 assignment solution

Assignment # 3 QNO1: Two particles having charges q1 = 0.500 nC and q2 = 8.00 nC are separated by a distance of 1.20 m. At what point along the line connecting the two charges is the total electric field due to the two charges equal to zero? Ans: First charge = q1=0.500 nC Second charge = ... Read More


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PHY101 - Physics

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phy 101 solution

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PHY101 Assignment Solution Required, let's start study

Virtual University of Pakistan has lauched PHY101 Assignment No.1 and now we need Solution of this asisgnment So, let start study PHY101 for your learning and education and in order to complete this assignment. Please give you suggestion and view in comments.    ... Read More