PSY510 - Organizational Psychology

Assaignment no 2 of psy510 need solution idea  Imagine yourself as a head of an ABC organization. As a head, you are required to maintain a culture of your organization to ensure that its basic values and rules are followed by all the employees.  Your task is to prepare a report. The report should be based on a series of steps which have been discussed in lecture no 8.    Q.no2 In lesson no 9 different way... Read More


need past mid term papers of psychology510.. ... Read More

PSY510 Assignment No.01, Due Date: November 17, 2015

Due Date: November 17, 2015           Marks: 20 Assignment Objective Upon completing the assignment, students will be able to: Develop a better understanding of different aspects of globalization. Gain insight of impact of ethical practices on organizational behavior. Dear Students; Q... Read More