Being Employed at an Essay Writing Service Company

Do you enjoy writing and are looking to make a little money on the side? Maybe you should consider working for an assignment writing service company. There are many out there to choose from, and you probably aren’t really going to know what it is like to work for one of them until you try, but there are some things you can look at to give you an idea.

Look at the Pricing and Services

What does the company charge its customers, and what services do they offer?  At, the price varies on a few factors.  Do you need a book report or do you need an essay?  They also offer editing, case studies and many other types of writing.  Of course, the price will vary based on the quality level.  The site describes offers standard, premium and platinum quality.  The descriptions listed don’t really give a good idea of what makes writing “platinum” versus stand, but the pricing tells you that you’ll have to pay 20% more for the platinum service.

The price that charges of course varies with the number of pages required, but more interestingly, it varies based on how  how quickly the writing is required.  For instance, if you need a 1 page Essay of standard quality in 10 days, that will only cost $9.50, but if you are a major procrastinator and need the same essay in the next 3 hours, that will cost $41.99. So, the offer affordable essay writing services.

Do Your Own Trial Projects

Now that you have an idea of how much the site charges the customers, you also have an idea of how much they will pay their writers, which will be much less than what they charge the customers (they have to make a profit, right? – after all, it is a business).  So you like to write, which is great.  It is important to do something you enjoy, but it won’t make much sense to go through with trying to be an essay writer if you can’t do it quickly!  As the pricing above showed, you will make more money if you can deliver projects quickly and at a high level of quality.

If you can, contact the company that are interested in, and see if they can give you examples of their quality standard papers.  If you have a few dollars of extra cash, or know someone that does need some writing done, you can even commission a few articles to see how the process works from a consumer perspective.

Now that you know some information, before you go in feet first, do some trial projects!  Make up an essay to write – something that you don’t know much about but that would be in the general interest area that you would write about (the more things that you can write about, the more work might be sent your way).  If you enjoy cooking and cooking appliances, maybe try to write a 1 page essay based on the best food processors, pros and cons.  See how quickly you can do it – how much research will it take?  How will you handle the citations?

Writing for enjoyment and writing “on the clock” are very different experiences.  I think we all perform best when we are doing something that we love and we love what we are doing.  Unless you want to work for free though, it does make a difference how well you can write and how quickly if you want to work for an essay writing company.  You can either try some practice runs before you sign up, or try to sign up with a few companies and just see how it goes.  Good luck!