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Vulms stands for the virtual university leaning management system. This gateway is for the learner of the virtual university of Pakistan and sometimes it known as lms vu, vu lms and lms3. Purpose of this website is to help scholars for the academic activates and to provide them direct communication with their instructors and faculty of lms vu, vu lms or lms3.

Also there are so many other things in this system, for example when Institute lunch new assignment for the pupil then they can download assignments from this website using internet. Also after solving their assignment they have to submit it back on the same portal which is really an easy method for the student to submit their assignment. Also after uploading of assignment and their solution by students, instructor start checking student’s submissions. After complete checking and marking faculty again upload marked solutions where everyone can download that marked solution by accessing their own account form that portal.

Vulms, lms vu, vu lms or lms3 also facilitate to the undergraduates to solve their quizzes online. Whereas quizzes are the one of the most important aspect in the semester system. Here apprentices can have access to quiz of their part and they have to solve them online. Normally they have to solve 10 to 15 questions and for each question 90 seconds are given. As well as each question in a session have worth of 1 spot.

Vulms, lms vu, vu lms or lms3 also provides another ease to the learner of virtual university of Pakistan. That they can also solve their GDB (Graded discussion board) online. GDB (Graded discussion board) is another existing activity for the scholars where they have to prepare academic topic which is given by the Institute faculty. Mostly this topic have worth of 5 marks and students are advised to submit their solution with in due date which could be 2-4 days. This is awesome activity for the student to do brain storming and to improve their mental skills.

Vulms, lms vu, lms3 or vu lms gives the opportunity to the students that they can also see their profile, and they can also edit their profile. At the same time grade book is also given there so that whenever anyone wants to see their result of past semester they can easily see it. And if they find any problem or error in their result they can contact to the instructor so that they will help out them.

Account book is also given in the portal of virtual university of Pakistan where all learner can see status of their fees submission. Exactly the same way personal dairy is yet another feature where vu family members can take their notes. Personal dairy is just like an electronic note book. Which is accessible all the time.

Over all vulms, lms3, vu lms or lms vu is the great portal for the family of virtual university of Pakistan. Everybody who is seeking to learn, should visit it. Also should provide their suggestion to relevant authorities for the improvement.